Best Jogging Stroller For Tall Parents

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Being a parent should not be the end of physical fitness.  Thankfully, jogging strollers are some of the most popular strollers available today!  Available in a variety of different styles, jogging strollers can handle almost all terrain and speeds with ease. Offering many features for a baby’s comfort and entertainment, a jogging stroller seems to encompass the best features for both babies and their active parents.  However, tall parents often face challenges with baby items, like short cribs and change tables, and jogging strollers unfortunately are no exception.


Today, most models of jogging stroller are built with standard height handlebars.  The height of the handlebars varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so there are plenty of options for parents of all heights.  Adjustable handlebars are becoming more popular, making stroller shopping for tall parents much easier.


The space between the rear wheels can be a major issue for most tall parents.  Tall parents take longer strides than shorter parents.  Though the jogging strollers with wide set rear wheels may not appear as sleek and attractive at their narrower counterparts, the trade off is worth it for a taller parent.


 Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller


The Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller is considered one of the best jogging strollers on the market for tall parents.  At a price below $200, the Joovy Zoom 360 offers the benefit of no rear axle to provide more space between the rear wheels for the tall parents with a larger stride.  The handlebar height is a standard height of 45 inches, more than high enough for most tall parents.  Additionally, the single front wheel swivels, offering greater maneuverability that a fixed wheel jogging stroller.



BOB 2016 Ironman Stroller

The BOB 2016 Ironman Stroller is an exceptionable stroller for the vertically gifted parent.  This jogging stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar, catering to the needs of parents of all sizes.  Its fixed front wheel ensures a stable ride, while the large wheels offer better shock absorption for a smoother ride.  With a higher price tag than the Joovy 360, this stroller would be a good selection for the parent who values an adjustable handlebar and the larger wheels.




BOB Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller

The BOB Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller is a unique jogging stroller for tall parents because it is a double jogging stroller.  This stroller is appealing for parents with more than one little one to jog with.  The BOB Strides Duallie offers an adjustable handlebar that ranges in length from 33.5 inches to 50.5 inches, perfect for even the tallest parent.  The front tire can either swivel or remain fixed, making it the ultimate all terrain stroller.  The BOB Strides duallie Fitness Stroller is on the higher end of the price range, but the adjustable handlebar and ability to jog with two children, make this stroller very appealing to tall parents.


Jogging strollers offer the opportunity for both parent and child to spend time being active outdoors.  Depending on priorities and price range, a good jogging stroller is available for tall parents.  No tall parent should have to suffer with lower back issues and sore feet from settling for a stroller meant for average height parents.  With options becoming more available for tall parents, jogging comfortably has never been easier!



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