6 Best Jogging Stroller Accessories

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It’s going to be hard and difficult to imagine a gorgeous woman going out for an evening to the Opera and a gala Opera evening at that, wearing jogging shoes and having no clutch bag with her.  So therefore it’s hard to imagine owning a jogging stroller that does not have handy jogging stroller accessories that can make your running on the road safe and convenient, for both you and your little passenger.  These accessories are the small attention to details that will make you feel comfortable, feeling well equipped and doing what you do best with confidence. Here you’ll find our 6 best jogging stroller accessories.

For daily use you should also have as a necessity, a safely leash, and padding on the pillow for your baby’s head and also decent light reflectors.

Tire Pump

Most jogging strollers on the market out there have air filled tires and could go flat very unexpectedly causing you to run to the nearest gas station, if there is one nearby to your location that is, but having a pocket pump that fits into the basket underneath the stroller is a definite must and will help you out of any flat tire emergency situation.





If you are as serious about your general fitness and health as most people out there are, you should adopt the motto a “walk a day”.   Even if the weather is inclement outside and even rainy or very sunny, a proper sunshield is a definite must have.  Choosing one that covers the entire canopy, which is water resistant and fabricated from polyurethane coated nylon, is the best.  Keep in mind that the viewing window should be large enough as no child wants to sit and see nothing.  Good viewing is made possible by using a simple plastic or transparent rain cover and should have decent ventilation.

Having a decent sun shield is a very good option especially on those days that you will want to go out when the sun is shining brightly, this helps to reduce harmful ultraviolet rays whilst also protecting against mosquitoes.   You could also make use of a cotton pareo, it might not look as good but will still do the job perfectly.    There is also the choice of a snooze shade which is a breathable blackout blind that will block out 94 percent of light while causing the passenger to experience a well-ventilated and shady environment to sleep.


Safety Leashes

Safety leashes will also help to make you and your passenger feel more secure and also protects the stroller from running away from you, a dog leash will work perfectly and costs half of what the sports stores are advertising.  A must at high speed.





Microbead Pillow

Make sure that you have extra padding for your passengers head especially for those bumpy and paved trails that you run on.  Make use of a microbead pillow which helps to protect and stabilize your child’s head, prevent their heads from shaking and bumping by using something firm soft and compact.  Making use of microbead pillows is the best and by putting one on each side of the head you will be maximising protection,  checking on your passenger every 20 minutes or so for overheating.


LED Safety Mounts

Recommended on your stroller as a safety precaution is a bell for emergency alarming, a blinky light on the canopy’s roof will help make your presence known in the dark or poor visibility.  LED are the most useful for the jogging stroller and can be affixed with Velcro.

The same can be said about reflectors, so consider adding reflective tape around the canopy, this can be affixed with Velcro as well and makes it easy when you need to replace reflectors that are bleak or worn.

This concludes our list of the best jogging stroller accessories. Small details make a huge difference.  You and your baby’s comfort and safety depend on them.

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